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Prima Leads

Enhancing Your Dealership - Prima Lead's Client Retention Benefits and Features:


Client Retention Advantages:

  • Mutually Beneficial: Benefits both the client and the dealership.

  • Increased Sales and Trade-Ins: Our Service generates more sales and trade-ins for you.

Data Management and Security:

  • Data Processing and Security Agreement: Ensuring the Safe Management of Your Valuable Data.

  • Data Ownership: Your data remains yours and will only be utilized for your own Dealership's client retention. 

Implementation and Efficiency:

  • Fast Implementation: Our system can be expeditiously deployed, bringing valuable client retention to Dealers without delay.

  • Huge Time and Cost Savings: Our software streamlines processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings for your Dealership in client qualification.

Dealership Inclusivity:

  • Available for both New and Used Dealers: Our services are open to both new and used Dealerships, ensuring client retention success regardless of your dealership's focus.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with third-party F&I Platform Providers Seriti, Signio, and DealerNet. 

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Leads and Reporting:

  • Monthly Lead Processing: We provide monthly processing of ripe leads.

  • Monthly Reporting: Receive detailed monthly reports on leads generated and processed by Prima Lead.

Industry Competitiveness:

  • Industry Advantage: Our services give you a competitive edge in the industry. 

Sales Pipeline Enhancement:

  • Backdated Data Processing for Rapid Sales Pipeline Boost: Our Once-Off Backdated Data Processing immediately expands your lead pipeline, perfect for jumpstarting client retention efforts.

Low-Hanging Fruit and Solution:

  • Low Hanging Fruit: We help you target low-hanging fruit for immediate results.

  • Solving Client Retention: Put an end to client retention challenges once and for all with our solution.


Client Personalization:

  • Personalization: Tailoring your communication and offers to individual customer preferences and needs. This makes customers feel valued and understood.

Subscription and Pricing:

  • Flexible Contract: Enjoy the convenience of a month-to month contract with our subscription model.

  • Monthly Subscription Pricing Tiers: Tailoring to your Dealership's average monthly sales bracket, this subscription ensures a continuous flow of new qualified leads.

Additional Client Retention Features:

  • Additional Features: Enhance your client retention efforts with special offers, targeted marketing on specific models, and personalized birthday messages.

Data Requirements:

  • Data Date Range Requirements: We Request 60-72 months of Sales History data to efficiently analyze and process through our software, ensuring optimal results for your Dealership moving forward.


In the world of business, success should never be left up to chance. At Prima Lead, we're dedicated to ensuring that your success is our success.

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